About Us
Organized in January 2001, Atanasoft is a privately held Iowa-based company located in Ames, Iowa.
Atanasoft is a worldwide leader in developing quality productivity, compression and synchronization software products for Teradata. Our flagship product, AtanaSuite, is the finest suite of productivity tools available for Teradata DBAs, developers, consultants, power users, general users and data warehouse managers.
Our History
In January of 2001, an Iowa State University graduate and a University of Wisconsin graduate formed Atanasoft. Each bringing with them many years of experience in the industry, they set out to organize a company focused on software products and outsourced development services.
Our Namesake
The name Atanasoft was chosen for this company in honor of John V. Atanasoff, creator of the first binary digital electronic computer. The Atanasoff Berry Computer was created between 1937 - 1942 at Iowa State University. Not only was it the first to use binary arithmetic, but it was the first to use parallel computing as well.

This "out of the box" thinking symbolizes what Atanasoft stands for, redefining problems to come up with simple and effective solutions.